Department Reports

EADA (Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act):
The EADA is an annual report that is required by the federal government. The report includes information on athletic participation, staffing, revenues and expenses for every sports team at the institution. The gathered information reflects the institution’s commitment to maintaining an equitable status for all men’s and women’s sports. Please visit the link to access a copy of the Thomas Jefferson University report: EADA Report

GSR/ASR (Graduation Success Rate/Academic Success Rate):
The Academic Success Rate Report (ASR) is mandated by the NCAA and compiled by Division II institutions annually. The ASR measures graduation success for Division II schools. As a result of Division II’s unique qualities, the ASR measures the graduation success of virtually all Division II student-athletes, including transfers and those not receiving athletics scholarships, which distinguishes it from Division I’s Graduation Success Rate (GSR). Please visit the link below to access a copy of Thomas Jefferson University's GSR/ASR report:
GSR/ASR Report